Craft Meads

Flagship Meads

Our flagship line of meads are available year round. These are the ones that started the beginning of the end. All our meads are made with real honey, fruit and spices.

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abv 13% | Semi Sweet Tradtional mead made with orange blossom honey

Discordia is a jealous goddess of strife and contention. Perhaps the most famous and demonstrative act of her namesake was at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. Uninvited, her bitterness and resentment toward the affair had her devise a plan to make the other goddesses in attendance squabble. She would write “For the most beautiful” on an orange and toss it over the gated garden walls amongst the guests. Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, true beauties all, would fight over whom the orange was intended for. The fighting over this single orange eventually led to the Trojan war. Thus, we present to you “Discordia.” An orange blossom mead you’d fight your family over.

What to expect

Clean flavor, light in color, medium boded mead with a white wine like quality.



abv 13% | Semi Sweet Tradtional mead made with raspberry blossom honey

Look…we’re not saying you’re not tough. But tougher than Odysseus? He killed A LOT of Trojans and swam against a freaking hurricane yet even he couldn’t resist the temptatious wiles of the nymph Calypso.

What to expect

Similar to our Discordia in color and body, this mead will trick your tongue with it's unique flavor.



abv 13% | Sweet Mead made with espresso coffee

Born of Chaos; mother of Sleep, Death, and The Fates. Nyx sure has a lot on her plate. It's no wonder she is Night Incarnate with all the late hours she works keeping Tartarus and her family in order. Thankfully for us mortals, we have coffee to allow us to work through the night while Nyx graces us with her presence. Our Mead is best enjoyed in the embrace of night, but you can stop by to drink it any time we're

What to expect

Espresso coffee is the dominating flavor backed up by a malty backbone of blended honey.

Mead-Aphrodites Tears

Aphrodite's Tears

abv 13% | Semi Sweet Strawberry Rhubarb Mead

Curse that boar. That damned boar that took her one true love away. So great was the love between Aphrodite and Adonis that even the other Olympians grew jealous. Ares, in particular, grew so envious of their bond that he sent a boar to kill the young Adonis on what would be his last hunt. Gored by the wild beast, Adonis’s screams of pain were heard by Aphrodite, who rushed to his side. Adonis died in that forest, in Aphrodite’s arms. Her heart shaped tears poured down her face, off of his lifeless body, and into the earth below. Where she cried, strawberries grew. And to commemorate their love, and her loss, we’ve crafted a strawberry rhubarb mead that we hope you love as deeply as Aphrodite loved Adonis.

What to expect

A rush of strawberry followed by tart rhubarb and light honey.

Mead-Keres Kiss

Keres's Kiss

abv 13% | Semi Sweet Mead made with red currants

At the end of the Trojan war, both Greeks and Trojans thought the worst was over, that the bloodshed finally ended. With thousands of wounded and nearly dead people outside of the city of Troy and within, the real horrors came after the battles to take their souls. The Keres, spirits of death, swarmed from the skies like ravenous vultures. These horrific creatures would take the souls of the fallen through their mouths like a kiss of death and then feast on their blood. Be careful with this mead as one sip of it might just consume your soul.

What to expect

Red currants give this mead a light redwine like quality, slightly tart.



abv 13% | Semi Sweet Mead made with black currants

Most of our planet is covered by the oceans and more than eighty percent of them remain completely unexplored. What is lurking in the deepest darkest depths? Perhaps a trove of valuable natural resources or shipwrecked treasure. Or maybe a lurking leviathan; Lovecraftian horrors so unimaginable they were best left undiscovered. For better or worse all we can do now is imagine what lies in the darkest abyssal depths of the oceans. But you don’t have to guess what awaits you in a bottle of Abyss, our black currant mead. A mead as dark as the bottom of the ocean and richer in flavor than any sunken treasure. Take a plunge into the depths and get lost in the darkness of the Abyss.

What to expect

Deep rich color matched by an even richer black currant flavor.



abv 13% | Sweet Chocolate Mead

Like chocolate? Of course you do! It’s a literal gift from the Gods! Specifically, the Aztec God Quetzalcoatl. We made a new chocolate mead in his namesake to celebrate one of the greatest joys on Earth: chocolate!

What to expect

Chocolate, duh

Mead-Immortal Empress

Immortal Empress

abv 13% | Sweet Mead made with Peaches, Apricot, vanilla bean & cinnamon

The most important of all ancient Chinese gods is Xiwangmu: the first empress of China and wife of the Jade Emperor. She controlled life, death, creation, and destruction. In her garden, in the Jade Palace, she grew many rare herbs and plants. Perhaps the most important of all being the Peaches of Immortality. These peach trees took a millennium to blossom and another three millennia for the peaches to ripen. Every six thousand years, all the gods and goddesses would gather to eat the peaches, thus ensuring their immortality for another three thousand years. To honor her graciousness, we’ve crafted this peach apricot mead that, for just a short while, will make you feel immortal as well.

What to expect

Peach, Apricot rounded out by a touch of vanilla and cinnamon. Light in body but not in flavor.