Craft Ciders

Flagship Ciders

Our flagship line of ciders are available year round. These are the ones that started the beginning of the end. All our ciders are made with real juice, fruit and spices.

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abv 6-6.9% | Semi Dry Traditional hard Apple cider.

Between humiliation or exile, Hannibal of Carthage chose to self-exile himself rather than give the Roman’s the satisfaction of surrender. In the same manner, we hope that you will cast your tongue away from other subpar ciders, and join the exiled in greatness.

What to expect

The taste of a traditional hard cider. Strong but sweet apple taste throughout with a crisp finish that leaves sweet apples on your tongue.



abv 7-7.9% | Sweet Made with honey and Trappist YEast

Few can claim that they have been resurrected. Jesus did it. Achilles did it. Lazarus did it. After trying our refreshing cider, you can count your tongue among them. Bring it back from the underworld of swill ciders and embrace the resurrection of your taste buds.

What to expect

A wonderful eruption of semi-sweet apple with a crisp orange blossom honey finish. You’ll feel a slight tickle on your tongue as your taste buds are resurrected to what a truly good hard cider is.

Cider-Ida's Heart

Ida’s Heart

abv 6-6.9% | Semi Dry Tart Raspberry Hard Cider

To ease Zeus’ cries as a child his nurse wife, Ida, went searching for a sweet, yet slightly tart, pale white berry on the mountainside nearby. As she pricked her finger in the bramble bush to retrieve it, her blood forever altered the berry, transforming it from frost white to blood red. In this same vein, we know that Ida’s heart will forever transform your tongue, leaving you wanting nothing but the best cider, brewed with the berries that could placate a god.

What to expect

A sweet yet tart raspberry start with a smooth apple finish. The lingering taste of raspberries will leave you pining for more.



abv 6-6.9% | Sweet hard Apple cider made with NJ Blueberries

Apples were long ago considered a forbidden fruit. Yet man’s desire for them was so strong it caused The Fall. Today, though, apples are pretty ordinary. So we’ve added blueberry to our sweet apple cider to really ratchet up the temptation level. For a cider this good, you may just pass on Eden.

What to expect

A subtle yet noticeable blueberry burst on the tip of your tongue the moment you taste it, followed by a pleasant, almost candy like sweetness that ends with the flavor of apples and leaves you asking yourself why you’ve never had anything this good before.


Seasonal Ciders

Some of these are made at least once a year depending on the availability and cost of the herbs or secondary fruit. Keep an eye out for your favorites or you might miss them!


Ichabod's Bane

abv 6.66% | Semi Sweet Pumpkin Cider w/ locally grown pumpkins and pumpkin spice.

It’s said that in the small New York town of Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane had been spirited away by The Headless Horseman after attending an autumnal harvest party. We think he had a few too many pumpkin ciders. Whatever the case, there was no trace left of Ichabod Crane. The only thing found was his festival pumpkin smashed on the bridge that leads out of town. Like the tale, we’ve crafted our pumpkin cider to be devilishly good, with a bit of spicy excitement, and a taste that vanishes without a trace.

What to expect

A haunting rush of pumpkin spice when you first taste it followed by a sweet burst of apple, with a mouthful of pumpkin flavor at the end. This cider finishes very clean. Like Ichabod, the flavor doesn’t hang around for long.



abv 7-7.9% | Semi Sweet Cranberry Cider w/ orange peel and True Cinnamon

An occurrence seen in many mythologies and histories of the world is a great deluge. One that brings about fundamental change to the world. Cataclysm is a cider that will change the world you knew about hard beverages.

What to expect

A tart and biting cranberry flavor will flood your tongue, leaving a crisp apple finish when the great flood recedes. Get washed away in a torrent of tart and sweet with this cranberry Cataclysm.



abv 8-8.5% | Sweet Winter Cider with 10 mulling spices

As winter arrives, it brings with it a chilling frost. A frost so cold it leaves fauna dead and flora stripped bare. Though the desolate land may be dead and barren, this cider is sure to revive your tongue on even the coldest winter days.

What to expect

A burst of sweet apple to awake your taste buds followed by a snowfall of winter spices and finally a mulled spice-apple flavor at the end. With a dry finish, this drink will leave your tongue craving more.



abv 6-6.9% | Semi Sweet Tart Cherry cider spiced with fresh orange peel

Ozunu is the name of an ancient Japanese ascetic said to have unbelievable powers at his command. Many tales tell of him being able to fly, never aging, and commanding the spirits to do his bidding. He used his amazing abilities to do many great things, but perhaps most ambitious was planting ten thousand cherry trees on Mt. Yoshino; such was his respect and admiration for the gorgeous tree. We pay tribute to this man with this cider. We couldn't fit ten thousand cherries into a single bottle, but your taste buds may think otherwise.

What to expect

A sweet light apple taste upfront with a smack to the tongue of a mountain’s worth of Cherries in tartness and sweetness. This cider finishes clean like but leaves a big impression.

Cider-Ida's Wrath

Ida's Wrath

abv 6% | Semi Sweet Black Raspberry Hard Cider

You’ve seen Ida on a good day, and everyone loves her sweet raspberry flavor, but she has a rarely seen dark side. One filled with anger and rage. But trust me, you will like her when she’s angry. We handpicked these wild grown black raspberries to make a much richer raspberry cider than our classic Ida’s Heart.

What to expect

A surprisingly complex and rich flavor thats unlike any red raspberry.

Cider-Ida's Wrath


abv 6.5% | Semi Sweet Hard Cider Spiced with Tulsi Basil

Tulsi, (Holy Basil) is a sacred plant in Hindu belief. Hindus regard it as an earthly manifestation of the goddess Tulsi; she is regarded as the avatar of Lakshmi, and thus the consort of the god Vishnu. In her honor, we have spiced our cider with this very special variety of Basil.

What to expect

Our Tulsi cider will enchant you with it's floral nose and spicy flavor that fuses perfectly with our apple cider.



abv 6-6.9% | Semi Sweet Tart Blackberry hard cider

PINE-demic? What’s that? A cider made with pine needles? We may be Jersey boys but no one is that Jersey. No pine needles here, just a healthy dose of pineapple that’s rounded out by a cinnamon finish.

What to expect

This cider is packing so much pineapple it’ll cleanse your mind, body, and soul! This pineapple punch to your tongue is rounded out with a sweet cinnamon finish.



abv 7-7.9% | Semi Sweet Tart Blackberry hard cider

Driven temporarily mad by Hera, Heracles murdered his first wife and their children. When he had finally emerged from his fit of blind rage, he was so overcome with remorse for his actions he sought redemption by means of completing a series of near impossible tasks known today as his twelve labors. In the spirit of likeness we bring you a blackberry cider that’s as strong as Heracles and as dark as his mournful soul.

What to expect

Tart and sweet blackberry flavor followed by a smooth apple finish.